Policies and Procedures


Lockeford Springs Golf Course will hold space on a tentative basis for seven (7) days without a deposit. After seven days the space will automatically be released if the required deposit and signed Event Contract have not been received. 


The advance deposit is required in order to secure your event as a definite commitment. The deposit will be applied toward your final bill. Lockeford Springs Golf Course requires a $500.00 deposit for all weddings and/or receptions. All clients must provide a valid credit card number at the time of securing the date of their event. The entire room fee is due 30 days prior to the event. Payment in full is required at a minimum of seven (7) days in advance. 18% gratuity will be added to all food and beverages charges. The client(s) agree to fully pay for incidental charges that occur on the day of the function, and for any outstanding balance due at the end of the event. In the occasion that the client(s), at the end of the event, does not pay for such charges, the credit card number kept on file will be charged. If you elect to pay by credit card, Lockeford Springs Golf Course will add three percent (3%) to the final bill. 


Lockeford Springs Golf Course must be informed of your menu selection fourteen (14) days prior to your event. Lockeford Springs Golf Course must also be informed of your exact guaranteed attendance fourteen (14) days prior to your event. The guaranteed number is not subject to reduction. If the actual number of attendees exceeds the guaranteed count, every effort will be made to serve those unexpected guests. However, a menu substitution may be necessary and additional charges may apply.


Once we have confirmed that we are holding a space for your function and received a deposit, we have made a commitment to hold that space exclusively for you. Should you decide to cancel, our policy is as follows: If the event is cancelled less than 120 days prior to the scheduled date, the confirmation deposit is non-refundable. 


Rooms are accessible to you for the rented time only. You may enter the room to set-up any personal or decorative items at noon (12:00pm) on date of the event. The standard time period for all private functions is five (5) hours. The standard time for your event is 5:00pm to 10:00pm or 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Events may be extended at the rate of $200.00 per hour with the approval from Lockeford Springs management. All events must conclude by 12:00am.


Facility rental fees include the set up of tables, chairs, linens, flatware and glasses.  Quantity of table and chairs owned by Lockeford Springs Golf Course is limited. Please concur with the Special Events Director for rental of additional tables and chairs.

The Vineyard Room $300.00
Bar (includes One Bartender)$350.00
Lakeside Patio $1000.00
Ceremony Site $500.00
The Ultimate Wedding Package $2500.00
(includes rental of all of the above) 


Lockeford Springs Golf Course is not responsible for damage or loss of personal belongings left at the golf course prior, during, or after any function. All this includes, but is not limited to any rented supplies paid for by the customer. Any personal property should be removed from the premises at the end of the function. Items left behind will be held for 30 day, at that time becoming property of Lockeford Springs Golf Course.


Security is required for all events at the cost of the renter. Lockeford Springs Golf Course requires one uniformed, unarmed officer per one hundred guests. You may supply your own security, however such security must be provided by an accredited security company with proper licenses and bonding. Said security company must be pre-approved by Lockeford Springs Golf Course. If client so chooses, Lockeford Springs Golf Course will obtain proper security for your event at the additional fee of $350.00. 


All food and beverage prices are subject to California state sales tax and an 18% gratuity. All food and beverage prices are subject to change in order to meet possible increased cost of foods, beverages and other costs of operation existing at the time of the event.Prices for all meal functions will be guaranteed ninety (90) days prior to the event. Food safety and licensing regulations prevent the removal of prepared food from the premises once it has been prepared and served. Menu selections must be reported to the Special Events director fourteen (14) days prior to the event. All events are served Buffet style, with the exception of the head table.Lockeford Springs Golf Course does not offer sit-down meal service. Outside catering is permitted with a $6.00 per person fee.
One bartender is included with bar rental of $300.00. Parties over 100 guests require a second bartender at the additional cost of $50.00


Lockeford Springs Golf Course will provide a hosted or no-host bar for your event. All alcohol must be consumed within the designated area of where the event is taking place. In accordance with the state law, no alcohol may be brought on premises or served to anyone under the age of twenty-one (21). Outside wine and champagne will be permitted only with the approval of Lockeford Springs Golf Course management. If approved, a corkage fee of $8.00 per bottle of wine ($2.00 per bottle of cider) will be charged for each bottle opened on premises. Corkage fees are subject to 18% service charge and applicable sales tax. All unopened liquor must be removed from the premises at the end of the event or it will become property of Lockeford Springs Golf Course. Due to ABC restrictions, no opened bottles or glasses may be removed from the property. 


In order to protect the safety of your guests and others, Lockeford Springs Golf Course reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to anyone at anytime. We also may, at our discretion, cease alcohol services entirely if it is deemed appropriate. Alcoholic beverage service will end no less than 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. Each party must designate a representative that will be responsible for ensuring these rules are adhered to and serve as a primary contact person to Lockeford Springs management. The host(s) of all privately contracted events will be responsible for their guests behavior. 


Lockeford Springs Golf Course staff will provide cake cutting services for an additional fee of $100.00. Lockeford Springs Golf Course will also provide paper plates, paper napkins, plastic forks and clean- up of cake table. Client may provide special plates, napkins or forks if they so desire. Cake Cutting fee is not optional.


Clients are expected to secure their own florists, photographers, ministers/officiates, musicians, etc. for their events. For your convenience, we offer a list of most local area event professionals. Clients agree that Lockeford Springs Golf Course cannot be held liable for the performance of the listed event professionals, nor can Lockeford Springs Golf Course be held responsible for damages or liability of work performed by contractors listed. Choosing an event professional is done at the risk of the client. Please notify your Special Events Director of all of your outside vendors.


Decorations may be placed in the rented site after noon (12:00 pm) the day of the event. Lockeford Springs Golf Course must approve early set up in advance. In order to avoid damage to woodwork and paint, no pins, tacks, nails or tape can be used to hang materials on walls or doors. The room decorations must be set at Lockeford Springs Golf Course discretion. For the safety of guests, and in compliance with Lockeford Springs Golf Course policy, guests may not toss rice, confetti or glitter, or any non-disposable products. Lockeford Springs Golf Course will allow table top decorations only. If candles are part of the decorations, they must be placed in candle holders to prevent the dripping of wax on the linens. Additionally, Lockeford Springs Golf Course prohibits the use of any odor causing oils, incense or diffusers in the Vineyard Room. Any liabilities or cost of clean up involved as a result of the use of any of the above listed materials will rest solely with the client. Any damage to Lockeford Springs Golf Course property will result in additional fees. If your party requires you to move or re-arrange furniture or there is any late set up within two (2) hours of the event, there will be an additional charge of $100.00. 


Pictures are allowed in the areas of the clubhouse that have been reserved for your event. If you would like to have pictures taken in locations other than the pre-designated areas, authorization must be obtained by Lockeford Springs Golf Course management. 


Packages: All incoming packages must be approved with the Special Event Director before their arrival. To ensure that your packages are handled properly, please ship your packages to deliver no earlier than one (1) business day prior to your event. Packages should be identified with your name, group name, event date and event contract name.
Flowers: Due to delicate handling of flowers, we ask that you do not have your florist deliver flowers more than two (2) hours prior to your event. Florists are welcome to decorate tables two (2) hours prior to your event. Lockeford Springs Golf Course does not have cold storage for your flowers.
Cakes: Cakes are to be delivered anytime after 10:00am and at no later than one hour prior to your event. Lockeford Springs Golf Course can not be responsible for refrigeration of wedding cakes. Additionally, our staff does not move the cake once it has been placed.
Equipment Rental: Deliveries and DJ set-up times need to be coordinated with the Special Events Director.


The client(s) is responsible for any and all damages to Lockeford Springs Golf Course property by the client, their guests or other contracted agents of the client. The client must agree to defend Lockeford Springs Golf Course from any and all claims for damage of any nature (excluding damage arising from negligence attributed to Lockeford Springs Golf Course), which may arise from or through the use of Lockeford Springs Golf Course facilities. A certificate of insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000, with Lockeford Springs Golf Course named as an additional insured property, must be provided to Lockeford Springs Golf Course at least one month in advance of the event being held. In addition, the client must execute Lockeford Springs Golf Course’s Special Event Agreement, which acknowledges the client is accepting liability and responsibility for all guests and participants attending your event.